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Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI) 2015

Woody weeds in East Africa (Woody invasive alien species)

Afrique de l’Est

Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI)

Titre : Woody weeds in East Africa (Woody invasive alien species)

Région /Pays : Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania

Dates : Start : 01/01/2015 End : 01/01/2020

Many exotic trees and shrubs have been introduced into Africa, but a few have escaped cultivation and become destructive alien invasive species reducing native biodiversity and limiting the livelihoods of those that live in rural communities. Woody species such as invasive Prosopis spp, Lantana camara and Chromolaena odorata are some of the worst offenders

The aim of the project is to mitigate the negative effects of woody invasive alien species on biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being in East Africa.
To achieve this goal, the team will generate and share knowledge on how the invasive species establish and spread and on the effects and impacts of the invaders in the different contexts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. The project team will also develop and improve measures for controlling the species, which will be built into ’Sustainable Land Management’ strategies that will help the countries to mitigate the impacts of the species.

Activities : •assessing the relationship between abundance of the invasive and their impacts at a local level •mapping current and potential future distribution of selected woody invasive alien species in case study areas on local and country level and using this information to raise awareness of the problem •developing and evaluating management options : biological, physical and chemical control •developing, testing and disseminating strategies to mitigate negative effects of woody invasive species

Partenaires : Water and Land Resource Centre – WLRC (Ethiopia)  ; Haramaya University (Ethiopia)  ; Kenya Forestry Research Institute – KEFRI (Kenya)  ; Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation – KALRO (Kenya)  ; Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania)  ; Tanzania Forestry Research Institute – TAFORI (Tanzania)  ; Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology – CIB (South Africa)  ; Centre for Development and Environment – CDE (Switzerland)

Donateur : Swiss Programme for Research on Global Issues for Development (Swiss National Science Foundation/ Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)

Pour plus d’information : CABI

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