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Improving output marketing performance in chick pea and malt barley (Ethiopa)


Titre : Improving output marketing performance in chick pea and malt barley (Ethiopa)

Pays : Ethiopie

Code projet : 13mel-6005

Durée : 08-04-2013 à 08-12-2013

Melka Awash seeks to improve its output marketing performacnce in malt barley and chickpea. Those two crops provide better market opportunities then wheat and teff currently. In malt barley Melka Awash already has a sound market outlet, however last season Melka Awash had serious difficulties to supply to contracted amount of quintals. Main reasons : low productivity, weak procurement and logistics of the union as well as challenges from the side of Diageo. Though Melka Awash defaulted Diageo has decided to continue working with Melka Awash, whereas in their union sourcing program, Melka Awash was still the best performer. Next season Diageo seeks to intensify the pilot with Melka Awash, including investments in the chain as distributions of improved seeds, fertilizer and close follow-up with the union. _ The other crop Melka Awash aims to improve its performance on is chick pea export type (kabol). Chick pea type for export is a rather new business. Last season Melka has procured already 700 quintal ckickpea and the union seeks to buy another 2000 quintal. Currently the union is looking for buyers. Within two or three years the unions seeks to become and exporter themselves. In this action plan Agriterra support in the framwework of the Cooperatives for Change program with SNV Ethiopia, will mainly focus on the production and strenghtening the operations and logistics of the union.

Key objectives action plan :
* increase output marketing performance in malt barley and chickpea (5000 quintal - 4000 quintal)
* establish a sound contract with Meta breweries and comply to contract
* developing business plans for seed multiplication farm, chick pea export and working capital

Mise en œuvre : Melka Awash Farmers’ Cooperative Union

Financement : Agriterra

Budget total : € 52.153

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