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UKAID Department for International Development (R4D) 2000

Review of common pool resource management in Tanzania

Common Pool Tanzanie

UKAID Department for International Development (R4D)

Titre : Review of common pool resource management in Tanzania

Projet de recherche pour le Développement : R7857

DFID Programme : Natural Resources Systems Programme

Organismes de mise en œuvre
Lead Institutes : University of York
Managing Institutes : HTSPE Limited
Collaborating Institutes : Institute of Resource Assessment, University of Dar es Salaam ; Norconsult

Durée : Start Date : 01-10-2000 End Date : 01-06-2001

Policies that affect common pool reserves (CPR) management can have a major effect on the livelihoods of rural poor people. Access to natural resources through CPR regimes is particularly important in variable semi-arid climates. CPR regimes have traditionally played an important role in Tanzanian societies. However, changes in land use policies over the last century have resulted in alienation of communally managed land to state or private control. The developmental problem is assessing how important CPR management regimes are to poor people, and researching into appropriate changes in policy that will permit sustainable access to CPR to the benefit of poor people.

Objectifs  : To understand the relative dependence of poor communities on common pool reserves (CPR) natural resources. The project will classify and quantify CPR management in Tanzania and assess the past and potential future contribution of CPR to livelihood strategies of the poor.

Total Cost to DFID : £74,351

Présentation : UKAID

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