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Starting up the first Poultry Producers Association (Ethiopia)


Titre : Starting up the first Poultry Producers Association (Ethiopia)

Pays : Ethiopie

Code projet : 13epp-6052

Durée : 01-06-2014 à 31-12-2014

The Ethiopian Poultry Producers Association (EPPA) is a membership-based association established in 2010 initially by 10 volunteer poultry producers in Bishoftu town. Currently, its members increased to 31 Ethiopian poultry farmers, ranging from small to big enterprises. EPPA is a beginning association lacking a good service portfolio and institutional capacity to serve the Ethiopian Poultry sub-sector in general and its members in particular. Though the importance of the association is acknowledged by its members, non-members, board, government and other stakeholders, EPPA needs advisory and financial supports to fully grow in order to play its roles and professionally represent the poultry producers in Ethiopia. To improve this situation, Agriterra in partnership with Agribusiness Support Facility (ABSF) committed itself towards strengthening and establishing the management function of the Association through subsidizing management staff recruitements, setting up of governance structure, techinical backstoppings to help the association analyze and understand the poultry sub-sector, strategic plan developments, but not least giving access to training and exchange visits to the association so as to better play its role in providing services to its members

Mise en oeuvre : Ethiopian Poultry Producer Association (EPPA)

Financement : Agriterra

Budget total : € 31.719

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