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Help 5000 women access food security in Kibera (Kenya)


Titre : Help 5000 women access food security in Kibera (Kenya)

Région /Pays : Kenya

Zone d’intervention :Nairobi Area, Kenya

Dates : 09/08/2013 à 11/13/2015

The micro supa-market initiative not only ensures continuous food provision to families, but also builds their economic capacity through weekly savings which belong to the beneficiary. Advisably, members are encouraged to invest their savings in other essential commodities and business ventures of their choice. Payment to this food loan is in installments for 2 months. A member is charged 10% Administration fee, which helps in sustaining the project. 1500 household are now direct beneficiaries.
Food is a basic need in one’s life. Provision of enough food throughout the season for the families already in the program is great relief. They can have effective planning with whatever small income they earn on food and other essentials. Expansion of the micro-supa market with enough stock will enable the organization to reach more people and hence increase enrollment of children in school due to having food and decrease domestic violence in homes and thus improve their livelihoods.
We are anticipating to reach 2000 households in the next 2 years. More women, elderly and people with disabilities will be enrolled to be beneficiaries. We will also introduce the programme to other slum areas in Nairobi and outside and also Institutions.

Annonce par : GlobalGiving

Partenaire local : Kibera Community Communication Network

Financement : Private donations

Budget : $6,265

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