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USDA|Millet Business Services Project (Sénégal)


Titre : USDA|Millet Business Services Project (Sénégal)

Région /Pays : Sénégal

Zone d’intervention : •Fatick, Senegal •Kaolack, Senegal •Kaffrine, Senegal

Dates : 09/30/2014 à 09/30/2017

USDA|Millet Business Services Project is a 3-year project where NCBA CLUSA will monetize a USDA commodity and, over a period of approximately three years, use the proceeds from such sales to implement a project in Senegal focused on achieving the following objectives :
* Increase agricultural productivity of the millet value chain by : developing processing systems ; building capacity of producers to improve production and quality ; training producers and processors in improved production techniques, post-harvest handling, marketing, and seed production ; and providing grants and loans for equipment and inputs ; and
* Expand trade of millet by developing public-private relationships, facilitating trade relationships, researching export opportunities, building agricultural extension capacity, and promoting food safety issues and requirements.

Annonce par : NCBA CLUSA

Financement : U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Budget : $9,577,884

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