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Conservation Agriculture Promotion (PROMAC) Mozambique


Titre : Conservation Agriculture Promotion (PROMAC) Mozambique

Région /Pays : Mozambique

Zone d’intervention : •Tete, Mozambique •Manica, Mozambique •Zambezia, Mozambique

Dates : 11/01/2012 à 10/30/2017

The goal of this project is to contribute to the long-term sustainable increase of food security and farmer incomes in Mozambique through the adoption of conservation agriculture (CA) practices. CA practices will be promoted through an integrated and systematic approach, building on existing successes and lessons learned both at the national and regional levels. PROMAC emphasizes women’s participation in all program aspects, including supporting land tenure resolution through land registration ; providing literacy, numeracy, health and nutrition training ; and improving value-chain efficiency through the organization of farmers into formal and informal groups.

Annonce par : NCBA CLUSA

Partenaire local : Government of Mozambique - Provincial and district levels, DPEC, SDEJT

Financement : Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Budget : $14,000,000

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