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Community-Led Recovery in the Sahel


Titre : Community-Led Recovery in the Sahel

Région /Pays : Sahel

Zone d’intervention : •Segou, Mali • Burkina Faso •Est, Burkina Faso •Tahoua, Niger

Dates : 10/01/2013 - 01/31/2016

The Community-Led Recovery in the Sahel (CORE) project will work to intensively boost local production through improved land management, crop and animal production, while increasing post-harvest handling and marketing surplus production for improved farm incomes. The project, led by three experienced community-based organizations, will replicate and scale LWR’s community-based resilience model to reach 101,108 crisis-affected people in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. The project will replicate successful community-based resilience models to reach new geographic zones and extend and diversify activities to reach additional beneficiaries and deepen impact.

Objective #1 Household agricultural production is diversified, increased and protected.
Objective #2 Sales margins and incomes from agricultural surpluses are increased.
Objective #3 Strong and accountable community-based organizations provide advisory services and a social safety net for all members.

Annonce par : Lutheran World Relief

Partenaire local : TAMANI, Diéma Tin Tua Fédération (FDTT), Union of Cooperatives of Producers in the Adouna Dam Area ("Hadin Kaï")

Financement : Private donations Margaret A. Cargill Foundation

Budget : $1,966,766

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