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Strategic Plan Zambia Land Alliance (Zambia)


Titre : Strategic Plan Zambia Land Alliance (Zambia)

Région /Pays : Zambie

Zone d’intervention : Central, Zambia

Dates : 01/01/2011 à 12/31/2015

This project, realigning agriculture to improve nutrition (RAIN), aims to reduce the prevalence of stunting in children through interventions during the critical period from conception until 24 months of age, roughly equivalent to the first 1000 days of life, as chronic malnutrition is largely irreversible after the age of two years. In doing so, it will generate evidence of the best approach to do this and document the impact pathways that are most optimal. Interventions have been selected in agriculture, nutrition, health and gender equality that have a strong evidence base or, where there is no evidence base, where expert opinion endorses their use. The project will utilize the existing evidence base and improve it the where gaps exist through an appropriate project design and ongoing operations research. Empowerment of women will be a cornerstone of the approach and a key outcome of the envisioned system change, as it is well recognized that women, as food producers and primary caretakers, play a key role in influencing the nutritional outcomes in their children.

Annonce par : Concern Worldwide

Financement : Irish Aid - The Kerry Group

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