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Lebombo Agriculture Development Program (Mozambique)


Titre : Lebombo Agriculture Development Program (Mozambique)

Région /Pays : Mozambique

Zone d’intervention : Gaza, Mozambique

Dates : 01/01/2009 à 12/31/2015

Building on the community-based relationships and networks established through the NetsforLife® program, ASA’s Agriculture & Community Development program will continue to promote improved food security among an estimated 480 households in four communities of Gaza Province.
Agricultural production is the main source of food for more than 85% of households in these communities and a key source of household income, despite the area’s chronic cycle of flooding and drought. Through 2012 support from ASA, farmers have tackled the hard task of building damns and/or re-opening colonial drainage and irrigation canal systems in their river valleys. With the opening of these drainage and irrigation systems, farmers are now able to increase their control of their natural water resources and prevent chronic devastation that occurs from seasonal droughts and floods.
In 2013, through voluntary participation in village-level agriculture associations, farmers will be engaged in new planting, processing and storing techniques, as well as animal husbandry. As such, farmers anticipate increasing their commercial production of marketable products such as maize, rice, vegetables, chickens and pigs, as well as their popular crops of cassava, sweet potatoes and beans.

Annonce par : Episcopal Relief & Development

Partenaire local : Anglican Diocese of Lebombo

Financement : Private donations

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