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Afghanistan Agriculture Extension Project II (AAEP II)


Titre : Afghanistan Agriculture Extension Project II (AAEP II)

Pays : Afghanistan

Zone géographique : Balkh, Herat, Kabul, Nangarhar, and Kunduz

Durée : October 2014 – September 2017

USAID’s Afghanistan Agricultural Extension Project-II (AAEP-II) helps Afghanistan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) deliver effective services to rural clientele by strengthening cooperation and linkages between MAIL and the other government agencies like Directorates of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (DAILs).
A key component of AAEP-II is the establishment of Provincial Model Teaching Farms (PMTF) in five core provinces (Balkh, Herat, Kabul, Nangarhar, and Kunduz). This will provide small grants for lead farmers to replicate good practices on their farms where other farmers can learn from. The model farms will give farmers an on-the-ground example of good practices, and access to trainers.
AAEP-II information services and training also will be available in an additional 20 provinces via a cooperative agreement with DAIL and MAIL.

AAEP-II has four objectives : • Help agricultural extension workers to transfer useful information and technology to farmers. • Improve rural household food security and income generation. • Improve nutrition for farm households. • Improve agricultural services for women working in the agricultural sector.

Financement : $20 million

Agence de Développement International du Gouvernement des Etats Unis (USAID)

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