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Farmer-to-Farmer (Kirghizistan)


Titre : Farmer-to-Farmer (Kirghizistan)

Pays : Kirghizistan

Zone géographique :

Durée : October 2013 - September 2018

The primary goal of F2F in Kyrgyzstan is to generate rapid, sustained and broad­ based economic growth through short-term technical assistance in the agricultural sector. A second key program goal is to increase the U.S. public’s understanding of international development assistance as well as international hosts’ and program participants’ understanding of U.S. foreign assistance and the American people through the personal, people-to-people exchanges that occur via the assignments. The fragmentation of the agricultural production base in Kyrgyzstan continues to prevent the region’s farmers and agribusinesses from reaching the scale necessary for efficient production. Most production comes from small farms, which yield produce of inconsistent quality and quantities that are too low to meet market demand. F2F will contribute to capacity building of farmers, agribusinesses, women entrepreneurs and agricultural education and advisory services to advance economic growth by bringing technology transfer innovations through US agricultural specialists.
F2F will field at least 118 expert assignments to support the technology transfer amongst and organizational development of value chain actors in Kyrgyzstan, improving trade of fruits and vegetables ; improving livestock production, encouraging import substitution with food processors, and enhancing input supply channels to increase productivity that allows profitable access to known domestic and regional markets.

Mise en œuvre : ACDI-VOCA

Lie Agence de Développement International du Gouvernement des Etats Unis (USAID)

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