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Climate-smart insurance for weather risks : Enhancing farmers’ adaptive capacity

Climate Insurance

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)

Titre : Climate-smart insurance for weather risks : Enhancing farmers’ adaptive capacity

Research program : Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)

Date  : non précisée

The main objective of this project is to enhance farmers’ adaptive capacity by developing ‘Climate-Smart Insurance’ products that can complement policies promoting Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA). The resulting portfolio of sustainable climate-smart insurance products will be implemented in selected sites in India.
First, the project will develop and calibrate a theoretical model that will predict when access to index insurance and policies promoting CSA practices or technologies can reinforce each other. Second, the project will evaluate the take-up of these products using a small-scale pilot implementation in close coordination with existing CCAFS partners and ongoing CCAFS projects in India. As a cross-cutting third activity, CCAFS will engage stakeholders as part of participatory product development using inception meetings, key informant interviews and focus group discussions ; and field visits for key stakeholders around the experimental auctions.
This research strives to ensure that these actors will scale-up the most promising climate-smart insurance products, enhancing adaptive capacity of a large population of farmers.

By 2019, this project will reach 1-2 State Ministries of Agriculture in India, 1-2 private insurance providers, 1-2 agro-advisories, 20 farmers associations, and 10 specialized media outlets. These important and influential groups will apply the knowledge and evidence generated by this project to facilitate, promote or offer climate-smart insurance, which are expected to improve at least one million farmers’ adaptive capacity by 2025. _Specifically CCAFS will aim to promote :
1.Visibility and knowledge of climate-smart insurance : To create awareness of how climate-smart insurance can incentivize the adoption of CSA, and how CSA adoption in turn can increase demand for CSI. In addition, the research will identify the infrastructure that is necessary to create a sustainable market for these novel products. By 2019, 10 specialized media outlets will have covered the implications of this project for policies and practices around CSA and weather-related agricultural insurance.
2.Institutional investments of at least 1 million USD in climate-smart insurance : At least 1-2 State Ministries of Agriculture will apply the knowledge and evidence generated to transform their insurance schemes into CSI schemes. We aim for them to integrate their existing subsidized index insurance programs and increase public sector investments by at least USD 1 million in the infrastructure necessary for climate-smart insurance programs.

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