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Danida - Agence danoise pour le développement international 2010

Exploiting African Seed Treatment Technology (Burkina Faso, Tanzania)

Seed Treatment

Danida - Agence danoise pour le développement international

Titre : Exploiting African Seed Treatment Technology (Burkina Faso, Tanzania)

Pays : Burkina Faso, Tanzania

Durée  : January 2, 2010 à December 31, 2013

Coordination : University of Copenhagen (KU), Denmark

Partenaires : Institut de l´Environnement et de Recherches Agricoles (INERA), Kamboinsé Research Station, Burkina Faso Sokoine University of Agriculture, Department of Crop Science, African Seed Health Centre,Tanzania

Sorghum grown from farm saved seeds is a major crop in the drought-threatened region of Sahel. A recent small scale study made by the applicant institutions in Burkina Faso hasdocumented >25% increase in sorghum grain yield by treating farm-saved seeds with an aqueous extract from the local and common weed, Eclipta alba (Zida et al. 2008a). The plant, E. alba, is known as a medicinal herb and published results provide evidence, that the observed effect on yield is due to an effect on seed-borne fungal pathogens. The treatment of seeds by E. alba extract is an indigenous technology already used by some farmers in Burkina Faso. The present study aims at documenting and harnessing the methodology for a wider use in African agriculture and to improve the understanding of the biological and biochemical mechanism involved.
The project has four R&D objectives : 1) Testing dose-response of E. alba extract in seed treatment, 2) Testing the effect of E. alba seed treatment in relation to fungal infection 3) Testing E. alba seed treatment in a geographically distant area (Eastern Africa - Tanzania) and 4) Investigating biochemically the yield-promoting and anti-fungal activity of E. alba in seed treatment.
The project involves three research institutions located in Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Denmark, respectively. The Danish Institution, Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen, already has established a formal collaboration with the two African partner institutions through the Danish Seed Health Centre (DSHC).

Mots clés : treatment, sorghum, plant protection, traditional technology

Financement : DKK 4,480,048

Présentation : DANIDA

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