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Danida - Agence danoise pour le développement international (2014)

Valorizing Green Growth in Africa (VALOR)

Green Africa

Danida - Agence danoise pour le développement international

Titre du projet : Valorizing Green Growth in Africa (VALOR)

Pays : Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania

Code projet : 13-02KU

Durée  : January 1, 2014 à December 31, 2017

Africa has untapped potential for creating monetary value from origin products in the same way ham from Parma and other highly valuable EU agricultural origin food products registered with ‘protected’ Geographical Indications (GIs) add 15 billion Euros per annum to European agriculture. Aiming to accelerate valorization of green inclusive growth in Africa, VALOR will create new knowledge on how African origin product (OP) producers can add value to their products by documenting and incorporating territory specific cultural, environmental and social qualities. In the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) context VALOR will thus promote wise use of market forces. VALOR involves research capacity strengthening in 3 partner countries, Ghana, Kenya & Tanzania, pursuing its objectives via 5 work packages (WPs). WP1 investigates institutional environments for valorization via OPs & GIs, WP2 collects & analyzes data on private sector practices with OPs and GIs, and WP3 provides an in-depth strategic case study of honey as a GI product embodying the smallholder stewarded ecosystem service pollination. WP4 provides crosscutting analysis & synthesize research findings for policy relevance, and WP5 coordinates the project, including the research capacity building activities through the WPs, 6 PhD students, 5 universities & knowledge dissemination. Project methodology ensures data collection and fieldwork, involving agencies in the public & private sector.´Articles, conference papers, policy briefs, website & other VALOR outputs feed into an impact pathway including country roundtables & review mechanisms of the CAADP, helping Africa leapfrog into a green economy allowing geographical indications (GI´s) add billions of Euros to its monetary economy and allowing smallholders create employment and build monetary value, stewarding pollination services, and so increasing qualities and volumes of the wider food economy.

Mots clés : capacity building, economic development, environmental protection, institutional change, value added

Coordination : University of Copenhagen (KU), Denmark, Department of Food and Resource Economics (KU)

Partenaires : University of Nairobi, Department of Agricultural Economics, Kenya  ; University of Dar es Salaam, Institute of Resource Assessment, Tanzania  ; University of Ghana Legon, Department of Geography and Resource Development, Ghana  ; University of Cape Coast, Ghana  ; The Danish Beekeepers’ Association, Denmark

Financement : DKK 9,977,540

Présentation : DANIDA

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