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UKAID Department for International Development (R4D) 1996

The impact of drought relief and development assistance on rural households

Drought Development Assistance

UKAID Department for International Development (R4D)

Titre : The impact of drought relief and development assistance on rural households

Pays : Global

Projet de recherche pour le Développement : R6677

DFID Programme : Miscellaneous (Social and Political Change)

Organismes de mise en œuvre
Lead Institutes : Department of Economics & Statistics, University of Oxford
Managing Institutes : Social Science Research Unit, Department for International Development (SSRU)

Durée : Start Date : 01-09-1996 End Date : 30-04-1997

The project will examine the distributional consequences of aid given in response to drought. It will compare this to alternative relief and development policies in low-income groups. In doing so, it seeks to improve both the impact of aid on the poor and the cost-effectiveness of aid.

With increase in expenditure on relief operations, there is increasing concern that emergency relief may be adversely affecting development efforts. Case studies on the effects of aid have shown that, historically, relief aid has often disrupted development programmes, by ignoring or cutting across government and development institutions. Development policy, on the other hand, had often ignored the risk of drought and other shocks, and hence the importance of securing households against risk. Recent trends in Africa have underlined the inconsistency of these two separate approaches. For a large number of countries, especially in Southern Africa, increasingly emergencies have been arising from long-term imporverishment rather than one-off shocks. The deterioration of many countries economic performance over the past two decades has increased the long-term impact of drought, while exacerbating the problems of poverty, poor government policy, and environmental mismanagement, drought has accelerated the process of economic decline. In response, the development community has been focussing their attention on how to link relief and development aid. Wth the proliferation of emergencies and stagnation of aid budgets, less aid is now available to address the underlying development problems of the world’s poor. Important questions, therefore, need to be asked about the impact of relief and development aid on the poor in the long run, and the cost-effectiveness of that aid.

Total Cost to DFID : £46,477

Présentation : UKAID

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