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UKAID Department for International Development (R4D) 1995

Dissemination of information on African acacias

Dissemination Acacia

UKAID Department for International Development (R4D)

Titre : Dissemination of information on African acacias

Pays/ Région : Afrique

Projet de recherche pour le Développement : R6349, R6349cb

DFID Programme : Forestry

Organismes de mise en œuvre
Lead Institutes : Oxford Forestry Institute (OFI)
Managing Institutes : Natural Resources International Limited (NRIL)

Durée : Start Date : 01-06-1995 End Date : 31-03-1997

Previous African Acacia research projects (R4348, R4526, R5655) have assembled much information. This is being made widely accessible by preparing two publications : the distribution of all African acacias and a field guide to the acacias of Zimbabwe.

The genus Acacia in Africa includes species that are widely distributed in the seasonally dry to to arid regions of the continent. Many are among those that colonise and rehabilitate degraded sites and fix sand dunes. In their natural stands they have been used by rural man for many purposes from time immemorial and, more recently some speices have been planted in cultivated fields both to grow in intimate crop mixtures and to reinstate the fertility of the soil during periods of fallow. As pioneers they have greater potential than any other indigenous trees to increase productivity from both arable and non-arable land by cycling water and nutrients from greater depths, fixing nitrogen, ameliorating the microclimate and providing a wide range of products including fuelwood,fodder and exudates.

Total Cost to DFID : £98,765

Présentation : UKAID

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