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UKAID Department for International Development (R4D) 1987

African Acacias : study and acquisition of genetic resources : Phase 1

African Acacias

UKAID Department for International Development (R4D)

Titre : African Acacias : study and acquisition of genetic resources : Phase 1

Pays/Région : Sudano-Sahelian region

Projet de recherche pour le Développement : R4348

DFID Programme : Forestry

Organismes de mise en œuvre
Lead Institutes : Oxford Forestry Institute (OFI)
Managing Institutes : Oxford Forestry Institute (OFI)
Collaborating Institutes : Department of Biology, University of Dundee ; Forestry Authority, Research Division, UK

Durée : Start Date : 01-04-1987 End Date : 30-03-1990

To gain basic information on morphological and phenological variation of the species and their rhizobia throughout their natural range.* To gain an understanding of breeding systems. * To devise a strategy to sample the variation and provide a basis for genetic development. * To assemble representative range-wide material for evaluation and subsequent domestication and conservation.

The interaction between forestry and agriculture in arid and semi-arid lands has been well documented, as has the fuelwood and fodder shortages that are more and more common in such areas. Many tree planting projects now focus on these areas, and it is recognised that a systematic exploration, seed collection and evaluation are required. It is anticipated that similar gains that have been realised for industrial plantations should be achievable for multi-purpose species. Presently, the very poor establishment rates achieved in many programmes are due, in part, to the use of untested, inappropriate stock, of unknown genetic quality. This, together with the fact that the loss of forest cover has eroded the gene pools of some of the most suitable species, has highlighted the need for proven genetic material to be readily available.

Total Cost to DFID : £191,986

Présentation : UKAID

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