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UKAID Department for International Development (R4D) 1995

Commercialisation of Innovative Woodstoves

Commercialisation - Woodstoves

UKAID Department for International Development (R4D)

Titre : Commercialisation of Innovative Woodstoves

Pays : Ethiopie

Projet de recherche pour le Développement : R6248

DFID Programme : Energy

Organismes de mise en œuvre
Joint Financiers : Government of Ethiopia _ Lead Institutes : Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd (ESD)
Managing Institutes : Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd (ESD)
Collaborating Institutes : Ethiopian Energy Study and Research Centre

Durée : Start Date : 01-04-1995 End Date : 30-03-1997

Develop a low cost efficient wood stove based on cement-pumice blocks. Develop and test a methodology for widespread commercialisation of this stove through private sector producers.

It is widely accepted that improved cookstoves can have a considerable impact on the wealth and health of urban, and rural, households - particularly those in the low income groups - and provide significant environmental benefits. A considerable variety of stoves programmes have been introduced from the perspective of these development objectives, and the associated perceptions of recipient need. Yet results have rarely reached expectations. The more successful programmes have estalished the primacy of the stove consumer - women in particular - in the stove purchasing/construction decision, and role of the market place in providing choice and a dynamic product development environment. ESD working with the Ethiopian Energy Studies & Research Centre (EESRC - formerly Ethiopian Energy Authority) in Addis Ababa has implemented a stove programme based on this latter approach and seen the successful commercialisation of improved charcoal stoves (>65,000 sold). This project was funded under the World Bank Energy 1 project which will end in March 1995. ESD and EESRC propose to develop this approach further with a new design of woodstove. This stove is made from cement-pumice blocks and will have a short chimney. Further technical work is required on the stove to increase efficiency, allow multi-fuel efficient use and ensure durability of the concrete blocks. The project will have an installed target price of £5 per stove.

Total Cost to DFID : £132,899

Présentation : UKAID

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