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Acta Botanica Gallica

Taylor & Francis

Publisher : Taylor & Francis

Informations sur le journal

Acta Botanica Gallica : Botany Letters is an international scientific journal, published by the French botanical Society (Société botanique de France) in partnership with Taylor & Francis. The title was created in 1993, continuing more than a century of renowned publications of the Société Botanique de France. It publishes innovative peer-reviewed research articles on a wide range of botany subjects, including :

Taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny and evolution ; Morphology, phenology, physiology and ecology ; Floristic, phytogeography, and distribution of populations, species and ecosystems ; General and population genetics, biology of conservation ; Biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology and plant biotechnology ; Plant - animal or plant - microbial interactions ; Palynology ; Paleobotany and plant paleoecology ; History of botany and plant sciences, and historical botany (including interactions between human beings and environment, ethnobotany, and archaeobotany.

Acta Botanica Gallica : Botany Letters accepts articles dealing with all photosynthetic organisms, or any taxa described in their interactions with photosynthetic organisms. All organization levels are accepted, with a particular interest for multidisciplinary papers.

Articles on methodologies and tools, short communications, especially on thesis (PhD) researches, and reviews are strongly encouraged. Book reviews will also be published. Acta Botanica Gallica : Botany Letters may also accept scientific grounded analyses of controversial or topical subjects in the field. Articles can be published in French (with an extended English abstract) or in English (with abstract in French).

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