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Universiteit Gent (2011)

Development of an Early Warning System for Flash Floods in Wadi Watier – Sinai Desert

ABDELKHALEK Ahmed Youssef Sayed

Titre : Development of an Early Warning System for Flash Floods in Wadi Watier – Sinai Desert

Auteur : ABDELKHALEK Ahmed Youssef Sayed

Université de soutenance : Universiteit Gent

Grade : PhD Physical Land Resources 2011

Flash floods can cause important economic damages in arid areas and even the loss of lives. The Ph.D. research contributed to the development and implementation of an innovative early warning system for flash floods in Wadi Watier in the South Sinai desert (Egypt) : the Flash Flood Manager (FlaFloM). FlaFloM aims to protect the city of Nuweiba from the flash-flood hazards and contributes to the wise use of floodwaters. Intensive hydrological analyses have been carried out using hydrometeorological ground station data and satellite data for the study area, followed by the development of a custom-built rainfall-runoff hydrologic model. The rainfall-runoff model transforms the rainfall data into flows at the outlet of the canyon of Wadi Watier near Nuweiba City. The hydrologic model is therefore custom-built - to reflect the arid conditions of the region and the limited observation data - using MATLAB® and SIMULINK®. The research also includes a sensitivity and uncertainty analysis for the developed tools, and the data used. Variance-based sensitivity and uncertainty analysis on the FlaFloM results were conducted applying quasi-Monte Carlo sequences (Latin Hypercube sampling). The Ph.D. provides a review of this method to assess sensitivity and uncertainty analysis in arid regions where rainfall observations and hydrologic stream flow data are scarce. The research work contributed to the better understanding of the behaviour of flash floods in arid and semi-arid regions. The FlaFloM system has been in operation since December 2009. It is used by the Crisis and Disaster Management Centre of the South Sinai governorate. The system resulted in additional time to spread warnings and take action for the competent authorities. As such, the system succeeded in providing a flood warning two days in advance in January 2010 and protected the city of Nuweiba


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