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Biological Invasions

Springer Netherlands

 Biological Invasions

Publisher : Springer Netherlands

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Biological Invasions publishes research papers on the patterns and processes of biological invasions, both human-mediated introductions and natural range expansions, in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine - including brackish - ecosystems. Coverage includes the ecological consequences of invasions relative to alterations in community-ecosystem structure including energy flow, biodiversity, and invasion-mediated extinction ; factors that influence inoculation, establishment, and persistence of invasions ; mechanisms that control the abundance and distribution of invasive species ; biogeography, genetics, dispersal vectors, and the evolutionary consequences of invasions in both historical and geological time, as well as analytical syntheses and overviews of invasive biotas. Also of interest is research on biocontrol and on the release of genetically modified organisms as they illuminate the science of biological invasions.

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