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Biological Agriculture and Horticulture

Taylor & Francis

An International Journal for Sustainable Production Systems

Publisher : Taylor & Francis

New to Taylor & Francis for 2011

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Biological Agriculture & Horticulture aims to act as the central focus for a wide range of studies into alternative systems of husbandry, and particularly the biological approach to food production. The journal will publish work of a sound scientific or economic nature related to the many factors contributing to the development and application of biological husbandry in agriculture, horticulture, forestry etc. in both temperate and tropical conditions. It also reports comparative studies between conventional, low-input and biological systems of husbandry. The areas covered include soil fertility and management ; biological control methods ; energy utilisation studies ; agricultural systems and environmental management ; the development of appropriate agricultural technologies.

There have been two recent trends in agriculture, our most essential industry. Firstly, in the developed countries, the evolution of modern, intensive agriculture, reliant upon large amounts of non-renewable energy and raw materials, has frequently resulted in soil degradation, environmental pollution and damage to wildlife. Secondly, in the developing countries, pressures such as population growth coupled with unsuitable agricultural methods have often severely damages the resource-base essential to food production. Because of global environmental limitations, in neither case can such trends be considered sustainable beyond the short to medium term - he next few decades ; and it is essential that more appropriate and sustainable agricultural systems be developed.

Biological/organic production systems, based upon traditional farming practices but incorporating appropriate scientific and technical advances, are now under widespread development. They are seen by many to provide a realistic, long-term alternative to present agricultural systems. The truly sustainable agriculture of the future will need to be largely based upon natural, biological processes and cycles in the soil and wider ecosystems ; utilizing non-renewable resources minimally and relying maximally upon the processes of resource cycling and renewal inherent within the earth’s natural systems. Biological/organic husbandry, as it is presently developing, is the forerunner of this future, biologically-based, sustainable agriculture

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