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Bird Conservation International

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Bird Conservation International is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal focusing on the conservation of birds and their habitats. The official journal of BirdLife International, it provides stimulating, international and up-to-date coverage of a broad range of conservation topics, using birds to illuminate wider issues of biodiversity conservation and sustainable resource use. Bird Conservation International publishes original papers and reviews, including specifically-targeted articles and recommendations by leading experts. It seeks to promote world-wide research and action for the conservation of birds and the habitats upon which they depend.

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Disponible à partir de 1990 Volume 01 Issue 01

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Open Access Publication in Bird Conservation International (2013)

The programme allows authors to make their Bird Conservation International article freely available in exchange for a one-off charge paid either by the authors themselves or by their associated funding body.

The Cambridge Open Option is only offered to authors upon acceptance of an article for publication and as such has no influence on the peer review or acceptance procedure. The paper will continue to be made available in both print and online versions, but will be made freely available to anyone with Internet links via our online platform, Cambridge Journals Online

The Cambridge Open Option is now available to authors of articles in Bird Conservation International at the standard Cambridge rate of £1695/$2700 per article. Requests to take up the Cambridge Open Option will be subject to approval by the Editors of the Journal.

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