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Chinese Journal of Geochemistry

Science Press (Springer)

Publisher : Science Press (Springer)

This title is now published by Springer. Back volumes (2005 & 2006) are still available from Brill.

Informations sur le journal

The Chinese Journal of Geochemistry provides a forum for a broad blend of English-language academic papers geochemistry, in order to promote rapid communication and exchange between Chinese and Western geochemists. The multidisciplinary character of this field will be apparent in the wide range of papers gathered from leading Chinese publications to appeal to academia and beyond. The mission of the journal is to introduce Chinese academic achievements to the world scene by demonstrating the unique features and special status of Chinese geochemical investigations. Topics include geochemistry, environmental geochemistry, ore deposits, petrology, cosmochemistry, tectono-geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, experimental geochemistry, organic geochemistry, mineralogy and mineral physics, rock and ore analysis, and more.

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Disponible à partir de Volume 1, Number 1 / 1982

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