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Universidade de Sao Polo (2009)

Política e seca no Ceará - Um projeto de desenvolvimento para o Norte (1869 - 1905)

Freitas Sousa José Weyne de

Titre : Política e seca no Ceará - Um projeto de desenvolvimento para o Norte (1869 - 1905)

Dries and policy in Ceara : a development project for the north (1869 - 1905)

Auteur : Freitas Sousa José Weyne de

Université de soutenance : Universidade de Sao Polo

Grade : Doutor 2009

In this work we tried to show that from 1869 to 1905, there was the implantation of a project of economical development for Ceará that based on the destitute workers\’ job during the droughts that reached the North area (current Northeast) when there were a shortage of water, foods and forage for the cattle. In that period, the public helps were implanted to the light of the project Pompeu Sinimbú, that took the country poor families migrate her towards the coastal cities where the government waived with the public helps. Behind the idealization of the project Pompeu Sinimbú there was the problem of the disputes for material improvements between the North and the South of Brazil. But the attainment of that project reached the country poor population directly that instead of receiving the help in the own home or white being of public politics of prevention to the effects of the droughts, it was used as hand of abundant and cheap work, whose suffering before the drought served so that the elites got the sending of resources to the province. We denominated that project of Pompeu Sinimbú, because he was conceived initially by senator Pompeu and tornado official by the viscount of Sinimbú. That project extolled the idea of using the hand of available work during the droughts for the accomplishment of public works, ruling in that mechanism the progress of the province. However, parallel the execution of that proposal had another one proposed by the baron of Capanema and for the Scientific Commission of Exploration that didn\’t consider the drought an obstacle to the development of the area, but the delay of the agricultural activity and the lack of prevention measures to the effects of the droughts

Mots clés  : Agricultura ; Agriculture ; Dries ; Política ; Politics ; População ; Population ; Progress ; Progresso ; Seca ; História Econômica


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