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Community Ecology

Akadémiai Kiadó

 Community Ecology

Publisher : Akadémiai Kiadó

Informations sur le journal

Community Ecology, established by the merger of two ecological periodicals, Coenoses and Abstracta Botanica was launched in an effort to create a common global forum for community ecologists dealing with plant, animal and/or microbial communities from terrestrial, marine or freshwater systems. Main subject areas : (i) community-based ecological theory ; (ii) modelling of ecological communities ; (iii) community-based ecophysiology ; (iv) temporal dynamics, including succession ; (v) trophic interactions, including food webs and competition ; (vi) spatial pattern analysis, including scaling issues ; (vii) community patterns of species richness and diversity ; (viii) sampling ecological communities ; (ix) data analysis methods. Publishes book reviews, announcements and advertisements.

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Disponible à partir de Volume 1 Number 1 / July 2000

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