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Universidade Federal do Ceará (2012)

Alocação de água no Ceará : diagnóstico e desafios

Araújo, Bruno Aragão Martins de

Titre : Alocação de água no Ceará : diagnóstico e desafios

Allocating water in Ceará : diagnosis and challenges

Auteur : Araújo, Bruno Aragão Martins de

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal do Ceará,

Grade : Mestre em Engenharia Civil 2012

In semiarid regions, such as the State of Ceara, and arid is a difficult scenario of water scarcity due to various factors like irregular rainfall, high temperatures and consequently high rates of evaporation, etc.. With a high demand and an offer not so abundant, it is necessary to water management that enables all stakeholders in this feature can be seen in their different needs and quantities. Water allocation is a process of division of property between individuals with often conflicting interests. The objective of this study is to analyze the decision-making process of water allocation Basins of the State of Ceara, identifying their similarities and differences in methodology. For this, interviews were conducted, as well as questionnaires during meetings negotiated allocation. What is observed is that some basins have similar rituals and procedures, while in others there are isolated actions. Armed with this information were identified and proposed improvements to the system of negotiated allocation processes in decision-making meetings allocation negotiated basins.

Mots clés  : Agua - Gerenciamento ; Recursos hidricos ; Tomada de decisÃes ; water management ; negotiated allocation ; decision-making


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