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It is the aim of Chemoecology to promote and stimulate the field of chemical ecology by publishing research papers that integrate ecology and chemistry in an attempt to increase our understanding of the biological significance of natural products. Its scope is the evolutionary biology of chemically-mediated biotic interactions, including mechanistic approaches as well as environmental aspects. Manuscripts on trophic relationships, intra- and interspecific communication, competition, and other kinds of chemical communication in all types of organismic interactions will be considered suitable for publication. Mechanistic approaches should deal with the identification, biosynthesis and metabolism of substances which carry information and with the elucidation of receptor- and transduction systems, biochemical, molecular and physiological techniques. Results of investigations on the response and adaptation of organisms to anthropogenic compounds or to their degradation products will be considered for publication as long as ecological phenomena are involved. Except in the case of manuscripts dealing with subjects of wide interest, strictly methodological or purely chemical and descriptive contributions without conceptual interpretations will not be considered.

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