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Climate of the Past

Copernicus Publications

Climate of the Past (CP) and Climate of the Past Discussions (CPD) are published by the Copernicus GmbH (Copernicus Publications) on behalf of the European Geosciences Union (EGU).

Copernicus Publications

Informations sur le journal

Climate of the Past (CP) is an international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and discussion of research articles, short communications and review papers on the climate history of the Earth.

The main subject areas are : reconstructions of past climate based on instrumental and historical data as well as proxy data from marine and terrestrial (including ice) archives ; development and validation of new proxies, improvements of the precision and accuracy of proxy data ; theoretical and empirical studies of processes in and feedback mechanisms between all climate system components in relation to past climate change on all space and time scales ; simulation of past climate and model-based interpretation of palaeo climate data for a better understanding of present and future climate variability and climate change.

Climate of the Past has an innovative two-stage publication process which involves a scientific discussion forum and exploits the full potential of the Internet

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Disponible à partir de 2005 Volume 1 number 1

Article Processing Charges (APC)

Climate of the Past is committed to the Open Access model of publishing. This ensures free web access to the results of research and maximum visibility for published papers. However, it requires the author or a supporting institution to pay the costs of the review process, typesetting, web publication and long term archiving. These Article Processing Charges are categorized according to the submitted material and levied for the publication in the discussion forum, while the publication in the journal is then free of charge.

Price per Discussion Page
Category 1 : €24 net ….. Category 4 : €39 net

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