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Diversity and Distributions

John Wiley & Sons

 Diversity and Distributions

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Informations sur le journal

Diversity and Distributions is a journal of conservation biogeography. We publish papers that deal with the application of biogeographical principles, theories, and analyses (being those concerned with the distributional dynamics of taxa and assemblages) to problems concerning the conservation of biodiversity. We no longer consider papers the sole aim of which is to describe or analyze patterns of biodiversity or to elucidate processes that generate biodiversity. Papers must have a strong conservation focus.

The journal has become and will remain a key forum for research on the ecology of biological invasions. The study of invasions is a key component of conservation biogeography. The scientific study of biological invasions extends well beyond pure ecology and biogeography. For example, invasions raise pressing ethical and economic issues. Contributions on these topics fall outside the scope of this journal, unless clear links are made to fundamental biogeographical or ecological dimensions of the invasion phenomenon. Strong implications for conservation are essential.

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