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Gujarat University (1984)

Droughts and famines and rural poverty in Gujarat

Shukla Rohit

Titre : Droughts and famines and rural poverty in Gujarat

Auteur : Shukla Rohit

Université de soutenance : Gujarat University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1984

Préface partielle
India i s a davbloping economy. Since indpendence I t has se t cat on the path by conscious approach towards economic development, which has not led to removal eith er of poverty or o f inequality* poverty, inespality sad Development have remained important areas o f study and inquiry in Bconoaics* Biesa areas have also been debated in many m ulti-disciplinary studies. Most o f tees© studies concentrate on questions lik e , where do we go from here ?* For theta the reference point of time i s present and interesting area of action i s future course o f events. . fh is th esis starts with a look at the past. The most glaring phenomenon of economic history of nearly two centuries, being one of famines. Famines have always been devesting, something against which man remained h elp less ; lik e an ancient mariner in the doldrums, Uaile looking at history gardully the policy options open before a public authority became d e a r . For eatampl®, creation o f man-days of employment # was practicesed since the moghul era •Bashe^fax*, was perhaps the ea rliest form o f levy. History brings out the point very clearly ; Unless the famished are cared for they w ill perish, th is i s no small lesson. I t brings one directly face to face with appropriateness o f policy. Policy foxmnlatlon in turn depends on understanding of Characteristics o f the affected population. I t also requires a close examination o f structure o f economic relationship obtaining in such areas. I t ca lls for a study of impact o f drought which could best be done when both drought and non-drought situations are studied, I had an opportunity to stud ? the drought o f 1974 and normal year of 1978.

Mots clés : Agricultural Domestic Droughts Famines Occupational Poverty Rainfall Rural

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