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Field Crops Research

Elsevier Ltd

  Field Crops Research

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd.

Informations sur le journal

Field Crops Research is an international research journal publishing scientific articles on experimental research at the field, farm and landscape level on temperate and tropical crops and cropping systems, with a focus on crop ecology and physiology, agronomy, plant breeding, and crop management practices. Studies on soil fertility, nutrient and water use efficiency and management, in relation to crops and cropping systems are also considered. An economic analysis may be included if appropriate.

The journal will consider submissions on all non-horticultural crops, including forages and biofuel crops. Research on crop modeling in the above described areas falls within the scope of the journal. Authors are required to present the results of field studies and show important new ideas, concepts or principles that have a more general application. Reviews covering the various subject areas will also be considered. Authors should contact the Editors-in-Chief before submission.

Research findings of only local significance will not be considered. Articles on horticultural and non-cultivated crops, crop storage, transportation and usage, and social studies on crops and cropping systems, are outside the scope of the journal.

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