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University of Arizona (1966)

The rural land use of Kenya

Martin, Esmond Bradley

Titre : The rural land use of Kenya

Auteur : Martin, Esmond Bradley

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1966

In Kenya only three per cent of the total land area is cultivated, although the growing of agricultural crops consstitutes the main economic activity of the eountry0 There are three crop regions the Coast the central Highlands and the Lake Region The significant cash crops found along the shores of the Indian Ocean are coconuts, sisal ; cottons cashew nuts, and a wide assortment of fruits and vegetable s.. The Central Highlands produce the major exports of Kenyas coffee, tea, pyrethru®, and sisal* The Lake Region in the southwestern part of the country is an important area for growing sugar cane, cotton, and various subsistence crops* Two=>thirds of the land area receives less than twenty inches of annual rainfall and consequently produces few agricultural crops* The largest national parks and reserves are located in the semiarid areas * In the remaining marginal areas Africans ranch low quality cattle, but here the ranching of indigenous wild game, such as the impala, might be a more profitable use of the land*

Mots clés : Land use — Kenya.


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