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University of Arizona (1972)

Rain erosion control of compacted soils

Liu, Hon-ho

Titre : Rain erosion control of compacted soils

Auteur : Liu, Hon-ho

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1972

The effects of concentration of nine stabilizers and curing time on the rainwater credibility of three compacted clay-sand mixtures using simulated rainfall through a laboratory study were investigated. Temperature effects on curing were also considered with one of the soil mixtures. An extensive literature survey on the mechanisms and factors involved in rainfall soil erosion is presented. Details of laboratory procedure and testing using the "Rotadisk Rainulator" are also given. Data relating cost and effectiveness are compiled for comparison purpose. It was found that Cement, Petroset- SB and Formula 125 are the most promising stabilizers in rainfall soil erosion control from the study.

Mots clés : Soil erosion. ; Soil stabilization.


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