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University of Arizona (1973)

Chemical stabilization for rain-erosion control

Qaqish, Samir Shaker

Titre : Chemical stabilization for rain-erosion control

Auteur : Qaqish, Samir Shaker

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1973

The effects of methods of application and curing temperatures on the rainfall erodibility of chemically stabilized Pascua-Yaqui soil using simulated rainfall were investigated. The effectiveness of different stabilizers, in controlling rain erosion were studied in compari- . son with untreated specimens. A literature survey, on erosion is presented. Details of the laboratory procedure are given. Data pertaining to effectiveness and cost are also presented for comparison purposes. The investigation reveals that Norlig-41, Norlig-41 4- Lime, Norlig-41 + Aluminum Sulfate, Norlig-41 + Formula 125 and Petroset SB were the most promising stabilizers in rainfall soil erosion control under all sets of conditions. Sodium Silicate, Formula 125, Aerospray 52 and Polyco 2460 were very effective stabilizers under some conditions.

Mots clés : Soil conditioners. ; Soil stabilization. ; Soil conservation.


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