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University of Arizona (1978)

Evaluation of Riyadh City water supply and demand

Kalthem, Misfer Saud

Titre : Evaluation of Riyadh City water supply and demand

Auteur : Kalthem, Misfer Saud.

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1978

The evaluation of Riyadh water supply in relation to water demand has been made. The sources of water that contribute now and are expected to contribute in the foreseeable future are essentially three. The shallow aquifers were of great importance in the past. They are not dependable now. The two deep sandstone aquifers of Minjur and Wasia are considered prolific aquifers and contain considerable reserves of water. The Minjur aquifer has been used since 1956 to supply Riyadh with water. The Wasia aquifer is expected to contribute to Riyadh water supply by 1982. The third potential source of water is the water desalination and the utilization of effluent. The water demand is increasing sharply due to rapid development and expansion of Riyadh. The average daily water consumption in 1980 and 1990 will be 360,000 and 600,000 cubic meters, respectively, based on the anticipated population of 1,200,000 and 1,800,000 in 1980 and 1990, respectively.

Mots clés : Hydrology. ; Water-supply — Saudi Arabia — Riyadh.


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