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University of Arizona (1993)

Landscape design guidelines for Kuwait

Al-Mutawa, Yasmin Abdullah Abdullatif

Titre : Landscape design guidelines for Kuwait

Auteur : Al-Mutawa, Yasmin Abdullah Abdullatif

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : M.L.Arch. 1993

Prior to the Iraqi invasion and occupation, there was limited landscaping in Kuwait. Public gardens, highways, streets, governmental and private buildings had been planted to some extent. In the post invasion days the Amir of Kuwait has set a goal to beautify Kuwait by intensified landscaping. Responsibility for this Plan was given to the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries (PAAF) which in turn, commissioned the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) to develop the Plan, in collaboration with PAAF staff. Currently, a Strategic and Master Plan for "Greenery" Development (1995-2010) is being prepared. The plan will consist of guidelines for the gradual landscaping of Kuwait focusing on the urban areas. The objectives of this thesis is to ensure the development of guidelines into a comprehensive body of knowledge which takes these categories into consideration : sociocultural factors, functional factors, environmental/ecological factors and aesthetic factors. It is hoped that this information could be synthesized into a thoughtful, utilitarian landscape design guideline for Kuwait.

Mots clés : Architecture. ; Urban and Regional Planning


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