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University of Arizona (1979)

Quantifying the erosion and transport process

Knapp, Kerry Lance

Titre : Quantifying the erosion and transport process

Auteur : Knapp, Kerry Lance

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1979

Quantifying surface erosion is a series of problems : conceptualizing the problem, calculating site potential, assessing the effects of management, and translocation of eroded material. This paper places the computational aspects of the problem in a simple but complete conceptual framework. A modification of the Universal Soil Loss Equation is employed and a new approach to the delivery ratio problem is presented. The emphasis is placed on the proper sequencing of computations and the philosophical aspects of the problem. Simple proven techniques are employed to carry out the quantiticatidn. The problem of surface erosion is viewed and dealt with in a complete and holistic manner.

Mots clés : Erosion — Mathematical models. ; Sediment transport — Mathematical models.


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