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University of Arizona (1978)

Xerophytic Cucurbita seed proteins

Kuttan, Girija R

Titre : Xerophytic Cucurbita seed proteins

Auteur : Kuttan, Girija R

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1978

The amount of protein in five species of defatted, decorticated cucurbit seed meals was estimated and found to constitute between sixty and seventy percent of its dry weight. Most of the protein is globulin (60%). Smaller amounts of albumin (7%) and prolamine (10%) were also found. These, various proteins were purified through a differential extraction and conventional precipitation. The amino acid compositions of these proteins were found to have remarkable similarity within various species. Glutamic acid and arginine were found to be high in all these fractions. Of the essential amino acids there was a deficiency of lysine and sulfur-containing amino acids. The electrophoretic analysis of these protein fractions showed that both albumin and prolamine consist of two or three proteins of low molecular weight (15,000 daltons), whereas the globulin consists Of at • least four different proteins with molecular weights ranging from 15,000-3009000 dal tons. The albumin, globulin, and prolamine fractions of cucurbit species analysed show similarity with respect to their electrophoretic behavior.

Mots clés : Plant proteins. ; Cucurbita.


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