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New Mexico State University (2014)

Dust abatement in the Mesilla Valley

Smith, Elizabeth Arleen

Titre : Dust abatement in the Mesilla Valley

Auteur : Smith, Elizabeth Arleen

Université de soutenance : New Mexico State University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) Plant and Environmental Sciences 2014

Includes bibliographical references (leaves 181-186). Las Cruces, New Mexico, located in the desert southwest if the United States, has an established dust control ordinance. In 2011, a committee was convened to strengthen it in response to a struggling economy and a drought situation. Finding reasonable dust control methods for homeowners and construction companies, while taking into account the drought, became a primary focus of this study. The object of this study was to assess readily available dust control methods that have been shown to reduce soil movement across an open area. The methods tested were a wind fence with 50% porosity, organic pecan mulch, glycerin, and two polymers (Dirt Glue[TM] and Top Seal®). Three locations were selected where each product was tested : Site 1 located at Colinas, Site 2 located at Diamond Springs, and Site 3 located at Pagosa Hills. In the statistical model, sites were used as the population and the replicates were those samples collected during wind events that had wind speeds greater than 11 m/s. The Colinas site showed f-test for equal means significance, the Diamond Springs site found f-test significance, and the Pagosa Hills showed no significance. For the full duration of the project, no f-test for significance was found, though the wind fence treatment was shown to be of significance, through of negative effect to the control plot, while the rest of the treatments (Dirt Glue[TM], Top Seal®, glycerin, mulch) showed no statistical difference.

Sujets : Dust control— New Mexico— Las Cruces. Dust control— Methodology.

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