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New Mexico State University (1980)

Nutrient aspect of optimal foraging behavior

Repass, Robert Glenn

Titre : Nutrient aspect of optimal foraging behavior

Auteur : Repass, Robert Glenn

Université de soutenance : New Mexico State University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1980

When tested under field conditions, the workers of colonies of the harvester an Pogonomyrmex occidentalis will differentially recruit to patches of diet that are equal in caloric value but differ in nutrient quality. The patches of diet presented to the colonies consisted of artificial "seeds" that varied in the percent protein composition.... The results of these experiments suggest that optimal foraging models based solely on energetic considerations may be too simplistic. I suggest a generalization of Charnov’s 1976 model that would allow the inclusion of nutrient components and other factors such as water content or toxin concentrations within the model. Such a model should be of greater predictive value than a model based on energetics alone.

Mots Clés : ant, foraging behavior, harvester ant, nutrients, foraging behavior, model, Charkov, model, , nutrient,ants, Pogonomyrmex,foraging behavior

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