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Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques

Association Internationale des Sciences Hydrologiques

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Currently known as Hydrological Sciences Journal (1982 - current)

Formerly known as Hydrological Sciences Bulletin (1972 - 1981)

International Association of Scientific Hydrology. Bulletin (1956 - 1971)

Publisher : International Association of Hydrological Sciences / Association Internationale des Sciences Hydrologiques

Informations sur le journal

Hydrological Sciences Journal is the official journal of IAHS and provides a forum for original papers and for the exchange of information and views on significant developments in hydrology worldwide.

The scope of the journal includes : the hydrological cycle on the Earth  ;surface water, groundwater, snow and ice, in all their physical, chemical and biological ; processes, their interrelationships, and their relationships to geographical factors,  ; atmospheric processes and climate, and Earth processes including erosion and sedimentation  ; hydrological extremes and their impacts  ; measurement, mathematical representation and computational aspects of hydrological processes  ; hydrological aspects of the use and management of water resources and their change under ; the influence of human activity  ; water resources systems, including the planning, engineering, management and economic aspects of applied hydrology

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