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New Mexico State University (1973)

Cattle diets on semidesert grassland

Rosiere, Randy E.

Titre : Cattle diets on semidesert grassland

Auteur : Rosiere, Randy E.

Université de soutenance : New Mexico State University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1973

Botanical and nutritive composition of cattle diets on semidesert grassland was evaluated. Four esophageal-fistulated steers were used to collect forage during five seasons. The study was conducted on three seasonal suitability pastures and one year-long use pasture in southern New Mexico. It was found that excessive numbers of steers would be needed to adequately sample for dietary lignin. Sampling for other nutrient components and digestibility required six to eight steers.

Mots Clés : cattle grazing, diet, cattle management, esophageal-fistulated, nutrition

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