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Journal of African Earth Sciences

Elsevier Ltd

 Journal of African Earth Sciences

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd.

Informations sur le journal

The Journal of African Earth Sciences sees itself as the prime geological journal for all aspects of the geology of the African continent and the Middle East, and especially on the search for natural resources from these regions. This international interdisciplinary journal publishes high quality, peer-reviewed scientific papers on the geodynamics of the African and Arabian plates and their contained mobile belts, cratons and sedimentary basins ; the crustal evolution, tectonics and structural geology of this region ; economic geology of major mineral deposits and hydrocarbon resources ; sedimentology, stratigraphy and palaeontology, petrology and mineralogy, geochemistry and isotope geology of Africa and the Middle East. Papers on applied geology should preferably be linked to such core geological disciplines and must be addressed to a more general geological readership. It is important to note that articles intended for submission to the Journal of African Earth Sciences must be of a wider African (or even international) context rather than purely local studies of limited scope, which should rather be addressed to national or local African-Middle Eastern journal forums. Journal of African Earth Sciences papers should appeal to a wide audience of geoscientists rather than being highly specialised technical papers.

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