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Usos multiplos da agua e sustentabilidade hidrica no entorno de barragens de regioes semi-aridas

Lucena Pontes Renato Ferreira de

Titre : Usos multiplos da agua e sustentabilidade hidrica no entorno de barragens de regioes semi-aridas

Auteur : Lucena Pontes Renato Ferreira de


Grade : Master Tesis 2010

The object of study, the water (taking into account your needs and multiple uses in semi-arid areas around the dams). As a basic element of survival of living things, water quality has become, in the middle of the century, increasingly scarce, and also the result of conflicts. As natural resource of utmost importance for survival of living beings, their irrational use causes serious consequences, especially in areas with water shortages and irregular rainfall, such as semi-arid region, where the use of a good quality water is restricted to a small portion of the population. Water scarcity in the semi-arid transformed, so that the pairing of ground-water conditioner strong element of social relations and, consequently, a source of conflicts among different stakeholders directly and indirectly involved in the appropriation (always uneven) of environmental resources. The survey was conducted in the city of Canindà de SÃo Francisco - SE, located in the region of Xingà where we have analyzed the multiple uses of water in view of the social management of water resources, with a view to minimizing environmental impacts and conflicts involving access, use and management of this resource in the urban area and the irrigation district project that CalifÃrnia is an irrigation project intended to be a rational model of land use and water in the semi-arid Northeastern - ZSN. Work in 3980 ha irrigation perimeter, two forms, suitable conditions for semi-arid, farming, irrigation systems and systems of irrigation. It was observed that the municipality as a whole the existence problems related to water management and conflicts over its use. Find the mechanisms and planning tools to achieve management and ensure water sustainability is the main challenge current and future the city of Canindà de SÃo Francisco to build a modernization plan which presents specific programs relating to environmental control : drainage area, erosion control, use and disposal of packaging materials and pesticides, control of salinization of soils, establishment of the legal reserve perimeter, soli waste management, rehabilitation of degrade areas, capacity building in irrigated agriculture and environmental education and prepare the environmental management plan. In fact, water scarcity has been a concern on a global scale, since population growth, especially the urban population, demand for water grew twice as fast. However, the issue of water management in Canindà de SÃo Francisco, somehow, is a management problem, a case of allocation and distribution, not a simple problem of supply. These factors led to the finding that the water becomes an increasingly scarce and in need of a more rational and balanced in order to ensure conservation and sustainability


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