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Universidade Federal do Ceará - UFC (2010)

Educao do campo e praticas educativas de convivencia com o semiarido : a escola Familia Agricola Dom Fragoso

MATTOS, Beatriz Helena Oliveira de Mello

Titre : Educao do campo e praticas educativas de convivencia com o semiarido : a escola Familia Agricola Dom Fragoso.

Agricultural education and educational practices for coexisting with the semi-arid region : The Dom Fragoso agricultural family school

Auteur : MATTOS, Beatriz Helena Oliveira de Mello

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal do Ceará - UFC

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2010

This thesis presents a qualitative research about the educational processes generated on the search for coexistence with Brazilian semiarid â SAB. The proposal of coexisting with SAB points out the failure of the fighting dry climate logic as a way of fixating and integrating SAB in the context of the nation. In it, the process of rejection to the present ecosystem on the fighting dry climate logic gets replaced by a critical stand of comprehension, based on a relation of respect for things for what they are, for what they have of intrinsic that attempts to capture its internal logic. Therefore, it is assumed that it is possible, convenient and pertinent to live with dry climate and SAB, through experiences and solidarity practices of education. And, even thought it is recognized that the proposal of coexistence is not ready, there is an idea of the set of elements that compose it and of the meaning that conceive the proposal, which founding element lies on unity between mankind and nature, showing the centrality of the relation with nature as element that organizes social life and all sociability at SAB. Education is considerer the main and structuring element of the proposal of coexisting with SAB, because of its reach and power of ideological and cultural diffusion, which allows working the change of reading of the world, of values and of ideas of social representation of the dominant nature. Paulo Freire reminds us that education canât do everything, however, without it, a new fair and unanimous society cannot be conceived. And if school stills reproduces a vision of SAB, presenting it as an unviable place with precarious live conditions, highlighting the prejudice and stereotypes around it and those who live in it, it also is a privileged place and locus of construction of knowledge. By the reach that it possesses, it could propitiate a reflection at and about the scholar universe, which makes possible a new dialogue about the relation mankind-nature, weaving along the thread of the new paradigm to learn, relearn to live and coexist at SAB. The research objectified to understand how the political pedagogical project of FamÃlia AgrÃcola Dom Fragoso School, located on the city of IndependÃncia, related and incorporates the principles and fundaments of the proposal of coexisting with semiarid from the Articulation at Brazilian Semiarid â ASA, in the contextualization of its processes and educational practices. The educational experience of the school have been promoting the enlargement of the public space for political debate about the coexistence with semiarid and the contextualization of education according to the principles of pedagogy of the coexistence with SAB. The analysis of the results shows us that the students of EFA Dom Fragoso carry the knowledge about the coexistence as a gift to be carried that, as it migrates, it spreads to the public schools of the country, of the city, goes to communities, invades rural syndicates, occupies new spaces and participates as a main character of the large net of relations and of sociability that are present currently on SAB. The semiarid may be interpreted as the place for us all, human and nonhuman, that inhabit planet Earth. Its uniqueness may be read as a metaphor to think a new world, a promised land and a new mankind, whose work of education and of pedagogy of the coexistence leads us to believing in a future for this strong, lovely and old planet, as long as it is sanctified the celebration of the Natural Contract.


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