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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2015)

Aerosol characteristics over a tropical station Pune, India

Rohini Bhawar

Aerosol characteristics over a tropical station Pune, India

Aerosol and drought

Auteurs  : Rohini Bhawar
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2015-08-07
Pages : 156


Aerosols are now recognized to have the potential of being the ‘Atmospheric Switches’ of our planet’s climate. One of the experiment discussed in the book bears a testament to the fact that aerosols can actually switch weather patterns, i.e., a normal monsoon is switched into an acute drought ! This particular chapter had revealed that aerosols play a dominant role in creating atmospheric conditions that reflect on the formation of the Drought. In order to improve weather forecast and long-term forecasts of climate change, better information on where aerosols are produced and are transported is essential. Thus, by characterizing aerosols with ground and space-based sensors, the role of aerosols in different aspects of tropical climate have been investigated in the book such as radiative forcing which is one crucial parameter to determine climate change. A long term climatological aerosol variation using multi-datasets is also included in the book. Results presented in this book have been published in world class journals such as Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) etc. This book has information about aerosols which will be extremely useful to students and scientists, alike.

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