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Scholar’s Press (2015)

Additions to the Flora of Rajasthan, India

Kanhaiya Lal Meena

Additions to the Flora of Rajasthan, India

Auteurs  : Kanhaiya Lal Meena
Editeur  : Scholar’s Press
Date de parution : 2015-10-15
Pages : 104


The book entitled “Additions to the Flora of Rajasthan, India” deals with 28 new taxa has been added to the flora of Rajasthan. The contents of the book are : Preface. 1. Introduction, 2. Material and methods, 3. Enumeration, 4. References and 5. Index. The study area covers 8 districts, namely Banswara, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Dungarpur, Pratapgarh, Rajsamand, Sirohi and Udaipur of southern Rajasthan, which is represented by the admixture of western dry and southern wet zone elements of Rajasthan. These 28 species including 2 families and 3 genera has been described as a new addition to the Rajasthan flora. Ecological notes along with phenology and ethnobotanical importance have been incorporated to almost all the taxa. 14 good quality illustrations and more than 28 colour plates including 155 Photographs have added the value of present book. It is hoped that the book provides an excellent reference material and practical guide for teachers, researchers, students and environmentalists as well as for conservation of biodiversity and sustainable utilization of plant resources.

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