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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2015)

Agricultural Production and Food Insecurity in Ethiopia

Melak Ayenew

Agricultural Production and Food Insecurity in Ethiopia

Auteurs  : Melak Ayenew
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2015-11-21
Pages : 268


Despite the ambitious goal set in the Millennium Development Goal on poverty and hunger, and the huge efforts made to reduce the number of undernourished people to no more than 420 million in 2015, the number of undernourished people remains 805 million at the end of 2014, showing that the food security problem is highly serious worldwide. This book accesses the underlying problem of food security in Ethiopia in an integrated approach. It is the authors work in his master’s study at the University of Bergen, in the Department of Geography, System Dynamic Group. The author analyzed the underlying problem by designing a system dynamics model which integrates population, food production and market sectors. A thorough analysis of population and food consumption patterns, food need and demand, food production, land use, land productivity, market, food prices, income distribution and other key factors are presented. Through the use of detailed data analysis and the designed model, future policies, synergies of policies, policy scenarios that explore possible consequences on agriculture, food security, and resource management up to 2025 are discussed.

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